merry christmas


“Apocalyptic shows us what we’re not seeing. It can’t be composed or spoken by the powers that be, because they are the sustainers of “the way things are” whose operation justifies itself by crowning itself as “the way things ought to be” and whose greatest virtue is in being “realistic.” Thinking through what we mean by “realistic” is where apocalyptic begins.” – David Dark Everyday Apocalypse

I hope today and everyday for the next year, we remain present to the possibility of the in-breaking of God, through the noise, pushing beyond our tiny faiths – declaring freedom for captives, care for the orphan and widow, setting a table for the hungry, stitching clothing for the naked.

The Holy will break in despite our attempts at domestication, through and against our rituals, outside the possibility of our believing. A child was born, a moment in which God’s radical love shook empire – stay awake, remain open – we who are giving and receiving gifts at the center of empire may miss the possibilities arising should the Word become flesh and dwell among us.


About tim van meter

talking with regenerative farmers about connections to soils, place, and how we all make meaning in our work
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