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merry christmas

“Apocalyptic shows us what we’re not seeing. It can’t be composed or spoken by the powers that be, because they are the sustainers of “the way things are” whose operation justifies itself by crowning itself as “the way things ought … Continue reading

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Behold the Star

OK so it’s not Bethlehem but Bangor. And the quality of the photo isn’t exactly up to xetera standards. It was taken on my mobile phone after 5pm when it was very dark.  I couldn’t help but smile at the … Continue reading

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a gift from the past

One of our daughters came by with a surprise anniversary present for us from my mother.  It is a quilt top my father’s mother made and gave to my wife and I for a wedding present.  But, she was so … Continue reading

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New Life in the Frost of Winter

As has become my custom of late, I make my way this morning into the back garden, the icy brittleness of grass and leaves giving way under my feet with a soft pleasing crunch. Step in one hand, a container … Continue reading

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waiting to open an email.

Being a child of this technological age, I can’t help but check my e-mail and facebook multiple times every day. And ever since I can remember, there are just certain names that always make me overjoyed. I don’t always know … Continue reading

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Advent, Dublin 8 style.

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I walked in and the place had been transformed.  Dozens of fir trees, the smell of hay, sheep, goats, geese, rabbits and even a pot belly pig.  The path led along store fronts: a hardware store, bookstore, toy store, grocery … Continue reading

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breaking thru the noise

I am not a big Christmas music fan, find much of it trite and annoying. Last night, driving home from dinner with friends, I put the iPod on an old playlist and I heard the music differently – Holy,, Holy, … Continue reading

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two glimpses.

Yesterday evening as we drove through East Belfast towards a walk with the dog, a large flock of very small birds wheeling to and fro, to and fro in perfect unison. Then, later, breaking bread with a group of good … Continue reading

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Gratitude with memory

Saw this cheering story on yahoo news. Gratitude with a long memory. “An Army veteran who remembered getting free coffee and doughnuts from the Salvation Army decades ago gave a $10,000 check to a dumbfounded bell-ringer. “The $10,000 is to … Continue reading

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