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There is One in the Darkness

“The Psalms are profoundly subversive of the dominant culture, which wants to deny and cover over the darkness we are called to enter. Personally we shun negativity. Publicly we deny the the failure of our attempts to exercise control. The … Continue reading

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make america repent again

John the Baptizer is outside my window, yelling some nonsense about a time that never was. He is calling for a ridiculous set of economic and political ideas that don’t understand how the world really works. Poor man, I’m wondering … Continue reading

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listening at the edge of the abyss

I find myself still without words, I can’t even figure out what I am struggling to say. However, in my waiting I can listen and today I offer these words of Water Brueggemann’s as he spoke about the significance of … Continue reading

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I had to be and to remain whoever I had become as a person before coming there.  To be accepted by others, I must first of all know myself and accept myself wherever I happen to be.  In that way, … Continue reading

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Its not easy

Just when I think I recognize the earthly powers and principalities for what they are, Chrysler runs an ad with George Washington in one of their cars.  It is silly.  But, I find the patriotic imagery and music combined with … Continue reading

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I was looking for something completely different when names of radicals from the day drew me into this section: All these snares and devices of the principalities represent the reality of babel, and babel is that species of violence most … Continue reading

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Pereginatio’s post on Stringfellow’s writing about Powers and Principalities has me thinking today.  In my church experience, we usually name the beliefs and institutions of the “other” as powers or principalities.  Stringfellow pointing out that the term should/does apply to … Continue reading

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