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Moment of incarnation

I collected this strange group of quotes related to my own search for light in darkness, belonging, hope, and humanity. Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as … Continue reading

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Praying for the humanity of us all

How can any of us fully practice a vocation of being human in the face of continued dehumanization of any of us?

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I had to be and to remain whoever I had become as a person before coming there.  To be accepted by others, I must first of all know myself and accept myself wherever I happen to be.  In that way, … Continue reading

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Its not easy

Just when I think I recognize the earthly powers and principalities for what they are, Chrysler runs an ad with George Washington in one of their cars.  It is silly.  But, I find the patriotic imagery and music combined with … Continue reading

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I was looking for something completely different when names of radicals from the day drew me into this section: All these snares and devices of the principalities represent the reality of babel, and babel is that species of violence most … Continue reading

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Pereginatio’s post on Stringfellow’s writing about Powers and Principalities has me thinking today.  In my church experience, we usually name the beliefs and institutions of the “other” as powers or principalities.  Stringfellow pointing out that the term should/does apply to … Continue reading

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Who Matters

Rough get together with friend this evening.  Christian wedding vows meant less to “christian” wife than to him who claims no specific faith.  She left. Years ago I taught him how to save the lives of kids and he does … Continue reading

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