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Broken Things

Orientation I was given a mug with elephants on for my 22nd birthday. Nothing special to look at really. Just a mug with elephants on. But special to me because of the friends who gifted it – the girls who … Continue reading

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A prison cell…

A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes … and is completely dependent on the fact that the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside, is not a bad picture of Advent. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German pastor and … Continue reading

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Unfolding dramas

Inside we curl up on the sofa, curtains drawn, fire lit, watching the lastest X-Factor/Strictly drama unfold, totally oblivious to the specatcle unfolding outside as the full moon, against a midnight blue sky, pours its light in a silvery pool over Belfast … Continue reading

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No room

One day many years ago, being of vague musical talent, I found myself with one or two others as the entertainment at the Christmas get together for a social gathering of older folk at the church I attended. The format was … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt (from LICC)

Every Friday London Institute for Contemporary Christianity sends out an email ‘Connecting with Culture’. This week’s from Brian Draper is apt I think for TML: Treasure  Hunt This week, I had a lucky find. I was walking a muddy path that circumnavigates … Continue reading

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To have and to hold

One week… two winter weddings. On Wednesday bride and groom stood at the front of the church to take their vows. Before them stood what had once been just pieces of driftwood. The pieces had been put together to form … Continue reading

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The little things

She has not long left in this world and yet she smiles when we walk in to the room as though we are exactly the people that she wants to see right here, right now. We know that seconds before we … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was in London and at 8am I was opposite Big Ben waiting for someone else to arrive. I bought some coffee to warm myself up and went outside watching as the white stone at the top of Westminster Abbey … Continue reading

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young at heart

Today I met a lady called Joan. Joan is 61. She told me that she was amazed by the doors that God had opened for her when she was 50 and then again when she turned 60. She said ‘I … Continue reading

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lost (again) and found (again)

I dropped my purse in a shop on Saturday, only realising when I went to pay for my goods that I didn’t have it. I thought I’d left it somewhere else but while I was on my way to look … Continue reading

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