The solstice has arrived where I live.

Since I no longer believe that either Santa or Baby Jesus magically brings light and wholeness to the world without real work by us, I now contemplate what I will do this year to bring back the light.

Which organizations will I join and support?

What conversations will I participate in and which will I decline to engage?

How will I respond to human actions that increase the darkness, especially those that are local and immediately accessible to me? But also the big picture issues — what choices can I find that actually bring light to darkness?

How will I center myself so that my own internal struggles do not darken the world of others? How will I instead share insights that may help other seekers on similar paths?

This year, in this place, in these times, how will I live love in ways that lighten the world for others?

The dark is a good place to contemplate these things. I do not have easy answers and I need the dark season’s lack of distraction to spend extended time deciding my role in the coming year.


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