There is One in the Darkness

“The Psalms are profoundly subversive of the dominant culture, which wants to deny and cover over the darkness we are called to enter. Personally we shun negativity. Publicly we deny the the failure of our attempts to exercise control. The last desperate effort at control through nuclear weapons is a stark admission of our failure to control. But through its propaganda and the ideology of consumerism, our society goes its way in pretense. Against all of this the Psalms issue a mighty protest and invite us into a more honest facing of the darkness. The reason the darkness may be faced and lived in is that even in the darkness there is One to address.

The One to address is in the darkness but is not simply a part of the darkness (John 1:1-5). Because this One has promised to be in the darkness with us, we find the darkness strangely transformed, not by the power of easy light, but by the power of relentless solidarity….

The Psalms are a boundary thrown up against self-deception. They do not permit us to ignore or deny the darkness, personally or publicly, for that is where new life is given, whether on the third day, or by some other uncontrolled schedule at work within us.”

The above is Walter Brueggemann from his book Spirituality of the Psalms, pages xii-xiii.

It’s worth hearing in this, the darkest part of the year, that light will come. The One is being born among us even as we wait though even he, for now, is wreathed in the darkness of the womb.

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