make america repent again


John the Baptizer is outside my window, yelling some nonsense about a time that never was. He is calling for a ridiculous set of economic and political ideas that don’t understand how the world really works. Poor man, I’m wondering if I should shoo him off down the road, this is a nice neighborhood and I don’t want the neighbors to think I might know this kook.

Crazy talk about caring for orphans and widows, there is a home for them down the road. Ridiculous proclamations about welcoming strangers, as if we don’t have enough problems already without allowing people we don’t know who might do God knows what into our country. Now he’s yelling about the need for clean water, honoring treaties we made with people in a different century. I’m putting on my headphones now, I sure hope he’s gone by evening, the game is on and I’ll need to concentrate.

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