I was looking for something completely different when names of radicals from the day drew me into this section:

All these snares and devices of the principalities represent the reality of babel, and babel is that species of violence most militant in the present American circumstances.

Babel means the inversion of language, verbal inflation, libel, rumor, euphemism and coded phrases, rhetorical wantonness, redundancy, hyperbole, such profusion in speech and sound that comprehension is impaired, nonsense, sophistry, jargon, noise, incoherence, a chaos of voices and tongues, falsehood, blasphemy.  And in all of this, babel means violence….The language and liturgies of emperor worship in imperial Rome…the Nazis…by the 1970’s in America…babel had become the means of ruling the nation, the principal form of coercion employed by the governing authorities against human beings.

An alternative is meaningful, personal communication born from silence.  Time for me to turn off  many forms of noise and wait for the coming of the Word.  Silence, peace, and grace to all gathered here.

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