Who Matters

Rough get together with friend this evening.  Christian wedding vows meant less to “christian” wife than to him who claims no specific faith.  She left. Years ago I taught him how to save the lives of kids and he does it well.  But, the system does not care.  Or worse, they know, and do care in a way that inspires hate for those who save the less lovable.  He is alone and adrift.  HIs world has been kicked apart and he is close to down for the count.

We sat, drank, talked, cussed, shared, remembered, imagined possibilities and then he said he was feeling better.  He was reminded that he matters.  What he does for people in pain matters.  Moments of life and joy matter.  Then he asked it — “How do you talk about this with people who matter?”

There is a political question for advent.  Who matters?


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2 Responses to Who Matters

  1. What a GREAT question. This week I had the privilege of spending time with folks who typically to most of us DOnt matter. Homeless folks. it was a humbling experiance to be around folks who have so many physical needs on one and on the other be encouraged and chaklenged in my faith by BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ who have such deep love for Jesus . it was glorious to see how the disinherited ( to steal Thurmans phrase) have in reality inherited so much during this season of Advent that I dont even think about needing or even wanting. in my life this week I found in tangible ways that those who I to easily dismiss as invisible or unimportant are actuallly the oposite. I think this time of year in ways not noticable that the so called LEAST LAST and LOST really are important and need to be seen as valued members of our community and many of them the Church!!

  2. drgwbrown says:

    My son in law was telling me about some homeless he cares about in another city being relocated because they were too close to a family park and people were afraid they might wander over be seen. Or even worse, in their minds, a child might wander over where the homeless gathered and then, “What would happen?” His answer, “Most likely they would offer to share whatever food they had with the child.” Reminds me of the famous “sheep and goats” passage. I know who that story says are the chosen ones. peace

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