Am I

Stringfellow’s writing is beautiful and powerful.  And, it is so easy to think of politics as external.  My own thoughts are turned inward as I read it.  This year has brought the death of my mother, two aunts, and two uncles.  My old beliefs about what that means were so simple and comforting, but based on a great deal of choosing to interpret Bible for what we wanted it to say.  Now, I admit how little I know about how it all plays out.  Right now it matters at a deep gut level.

So, the same is happening to me with approaching advent.  I am cynical of the world ever being ready for new politics.  As I look at all that is wrong in our time and place, I wonder if I am ready for real change in my world and my self.   Maybe that is why the kingdom comes like yeast; you don’t get ready, it just quietly grows and spreads.

I wonder more about myself than others.  Am I ready to “make ready?”  Am I ready to be spun around again?  Am I ready for new revelation of that which transcends everything I think I understand?  Am I ready to spend Christmas in a barn with sheep herders?  Am I ready for I Am?


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