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St Augustine for Christmas Day

“My mouth will utter praise of the Lord, of the Lord through whom all things have been made and who has been made amidst all things; who is the Revealer of His Father, Creator of His Mother; who is the … Continue reading

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William Stringfellow writes that John the Baptist is the voice of Advent. The one crying out in the wilderness, one last shout before the morning Stringfellow’s Imposters of God begins with this insight:   Nothing seems more bewildering to a … Continue reading

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Moment of incarnation

I collected this strange group of quotes related to my own search for light in darkness, belonging, hope, and humanity. Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as … Continue reading

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Praying for the humanity of us all

How can any of us fully practice a vocation of being human in the face of continued dehumanization of any of us?

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I had to be and to remain whoever I had become as a person before coming there.  To be accepted by others, I must first of all know myself and accept myself wherever I happen to be.  In that way, … Continue reading

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I was thinking today again about Glenn’s Dec 10 post. I reread the passage and then the sections around the excerpt in Kellermann’s book. I’m particularly struck by the phrase that Glenn emphasized in the quote “resurrection is verified where … Continue reading

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Conforming to a stereotype

I like the idea of being called to the vocation of being human, seems to take alot of pressure away (maybe I’ve been too focused on the whole concept of career), and that to be ‘Christian’ is not to be … Continue reading

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Its not easy

Just when I think I recognize the earthly powers and principalities for what they are, Chrysler runs an ad with George Washington in one of their cars.  It is silly.  But, I find the patriotic imagery and music combined with … Continue reading

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Meeting the Incarnation

I scheduled the following some time ago to post on crookedshore today. I’d forgotten all about it until I read it again this lunchtime. I thought it would be better posted here. Working, as I do, in inner city Belfast … Continue reading


a season of being

“In order…to be a person in Harlem, in order that my life and work there should have integrity, I had to be and to remain whoever I had become as a person before coming there. To be accepted by others, … Continue reading

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