Advent – the season of hope but I’m also thinking about it in terms of ‘protest’. Was the incarnation in some sense Yahweh’s statement of protest at the way things were and are? A statement of protest against the politics and government of the time which protected those in power and ensured that those down the food chain remained exactly there? I am constantly surprised at our level of resignation in accepting the analysis of the economic crisis along with the so-called solutions given.

I am not surprised at how little we ‘the church’ have to say on the matter because for many of us, especially myself, we remain relatively safe as long as we have a decent job and low interest rates. But what about the other guy, the person who’s job and house and future have been torn from them? Will we simply be paralysed by the gravity of the situation or can we be a protest of light – of hope – of righteous anger at the financial institutions whose greed placed us here and governments who failed on our behalf to regulate proper governance?


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5 Responses to Protest?

  1. crookedshore says:

    brilliant mark. I never thought of Advent as the season of impatient protest.

  2. Belfast Pilgrim says:

    And what might that protest look like? I’m feeling fairly comfortable… what would it take to discomfit me?

  3. wf61 says:

    Good question Pilgrim. My response could be accused of being predictable so I’d be interested in what fellow travellers think on the subject of protest?

    For what its worth, and to quote Christy Moore, quoting someone else – if we leave speaking out until darkness visits our house – there would be no one left to speak!

    Church people must surely say more? (acknowledging that some do)
    Church people must surely act more? (acknowledging that some do)
    Church leaders must in the tradition of some of their forefathers ‘lead non-violent protest’?

    There are a few tables we should be overturning, especially around banking and financial institutions.

    • To be honest I ave never thought of Advent as a timef protest either. i think starting this year it wil become part of my Advent . I spend half the year (as of 2012 I will be located there permanently!!) working along side the Anglican province of Rwanda in program development with street kids in particualr yougn street mums. Rwanda is a place where protest doesnt happen, its not part of the culture and not well received when folks do speak up. Quite often I buy into not saying anything about finacial injustice there (and here in the States) because as a Muzungu (outsider) I benifit or I think it wont make any difference or becaue I think the powers that be will make my job harder if I dare challenge unjust practices. I was stung as I read the Christy Moore bit as I thought about folks wearing the proverbial diferent colored triangles and all the times I have not come along sie when I could have. This advent WiLL be different. Thanks for the challenge!!

  4. drgwbrown says:

    What if the protest is that we have the world upside down; that the King is present and already on the side of the “least?” What if the king is already inviting them into the feast of the prodigal while we sit outside thinking we have it too good to go in with “them?” Worse yet, how many varieties of “them” does the church actually promote not just fail to protest? I want to be with “them.” The sound of worship in Haiti this fall was certainly more amazing, healing, and transcendent than the sound of cash registers here ringing up gadgets and antidepressants.

    I think you are right, it is certainly a politics that opposes the current order. I just wonder if it is a protest to bring others more fully into the “rewards” of this world, or to declare that the whole game we are now playing is a cruel facade. Or more positively — is it that a whole different and more real order also exists if advent brings us eyes and ears to see and hear it again for the first time? Are we to protest the lack of access for some to our kingdom; or are we supposed to join them in theirs? And, do I really have the guts to do that for more than short visits? peace

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