Hope Between Advents

In the First Advent, Christ the Lord comes into the World; in the next Advent, Christ the Lord comes as Judge of the world and of all the world’s thrones and pretenders, sovereignties and dominions, principalities and authorities, presidencies and regimes, in vindication of his lordship and the reign of the Word of God in history. This is the truth, which the world hates, which biblical people (repentant people) bear and by which they live as the church in the world in the time between the two Advents.”
from Advent as a Penitential Season

Looking back over one of the worst weeks in the history of Ireland, we’re in need of hope and a sense of justice. In the time between the Advents we need to hear that all thrones and pretenders, all bond markets and world banks, all powers and authorities who have exploited the poor for the sake of securing their profits, will one day be judged.

Even so Lord Jesus, come.

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