Searching for a light…

Just over two weeks ago two light bulbs went in my kitchen. They were not normal 60watt bulbs or halogen spots which are easily sourced and replaced. Rather they are those little tube bulbs that are mounted underneath your units to illuminate your worktop surfaces. Until relatively recently in my life I would have been happy to have let this all go ‘unnoticed’ for a matter of months before replacing them but this is no longer the case in my life. The dead bulbs had to be replaced and so I started my own little journey for some light. And what a journey. Did you know that each company that makes those little lights under your kitchen units makes them in different sizes and shapes? I didn’t. I thought that it was just going to be a simple journey to Homebase to pick up the tubes and job would be done. Homebase didn’t have them. Neither did B&Q or my local electrical goods supplier. I found another supplier on Boucher Crescent who informed me that the manufacturing company no longer deal in Northern Ireland. Basically I have been around the city of Belfast searching for a light and still with no joy.

In this story I don’t know if I am going to get the bulbs or not (the manufacturing company have not e-mailed me back in over a week) However in the wider story that all of us are journeying in, we know that the light is coming. I started out this particular advent journey more diligently than normal in the hope of spotting signs of the light of the coming Christ child. Some days I have been aware of what’s going on but more often than not I haven’t and I have possibly missed ‘sightings.’ I can see how looking for signs in Advent can be like my searching for an elusive light bulb. But the wonderful difference is this. Whether I see signs of the Christ child coming or not, He is coming and that will make the difference in my life as I let it. The people walking in my kitchen may be in darkness, but that does not take away from the inextinguishable light of the Christ child.

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