the world is about to turn

Thanks jrlaw3n2 for the mention of The Canticle of the Turning. While I certainly know the Star of the County Down (primarily through Belfast native son Van the man), I don’t believe I’ve heard “Canticle. . .” But after checking it out, it is fast becoming my favorite Christmas song this year. One website ascribed the lyrics to St Patrick, any truth to that? Here is one of the few youtube versions.

Now here is the funny part: I’ve been humming the tune “Kingsfold,” an instrumental version of which I’d heard on the radio, but couldn’t place the song. Come to find out (through investigating “Canticle”) that Kingsfold is a nearly identical English tune, which you likely know as another Christmas/advent song, “I heard the voice of Jesus Say.” And so a version of that.

Both capture the longing of advent for me. Not just the coming of the Christ child, but the the turning of the world that the babe in the manger will bring.

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One Response to the world is about to turn

  1. Never heard the Canticle of the Turning before… But before too long my congregation will be sick to death of it!

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