Doing ordinary things

Today I had errands. I turned 60 yesterday, and woke up thinking I was too old to get up and too weary from the weekend long party (as much of a party as an old preacher gets).  I got up anyway.  

It was my usual bulletin-building, outline shaping, catch-up-writing day. However, routine things I needed to do stole what I thought was God’s work time.  God had another plan.  On three stops, I had three very different types of ‘real’ conversations instead of the usual “thank you for your business Mrs. so and so.”  Two of the three times I really got to listen and then speak to the other person meaningfully about faith and life.  All of this dialogue was with total strangers.  

Eight phone conversations I had today were with four people addicted to drugs or scamming churches (or affected by someone who did these things).   I didn’t want to have any of those calls either as they were interruptions in my ability to do ordinary things.  

I wish God had kicked my butt at 20 and taught me to lean totally on God’s conversations and planning!  Think how many times I have wasted kingdom time because I wouldn’t let God shake up my time doing ordinary things.   

As an aside, last weekend we had a Celtic Christmas service based on Mary’s Song in Luke.  Mark Charles read a prayer I sent him and we played it.  We sang “I cannot know” to the tune of Danny Boy and finished with Canticle of Turning from the Upper Room Hymnal sung to the tune of “Star of the County Down”.  Not very ancient Celtic Christian stuff, but we tried to do that in the words and sermon.  I was thinking of this group last week as that developed.  Blessings on your Christmas.

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