Now that many more Christmas lights are up, I enjoy looking for and at these lights on houses, trees, buildings etc to and from work.  It’s amazing how the appearance of simple coloured lights can soothe the soul.  Icicles, santas, reindeer, whether a ‘less is more’ approach or a ‘lets get completely and utterly carried away’ approach is used, they act as a symbol of the need within the human spirit for more.  Even at a basic level, a couple of Christmas lights around a window mean that people in that house have that childlike longing to access something more, special, magic, beautiful.  I think of how God’s spirit and truth is light within darkness and as Christians how we are meant to be light, imagine, if through acts of love, caring, faith, prayer, transformation, more and more of God’s kingdom could be evident upon the Earth.  Just as the Christmas lights light up every area they are in, a night time bird’s eye view would show the presence and glory of God radiating from the whole Earth.  During Advent, I wait with expectancy for more of God, personally, locally, nationally and internationally…


About asharedadventure

I'm 37yrs old, Bangor born and bred. After working as a midwife I left the NHS to set up a business of private preparation for birth and beyond sessions with couples at home. I love to read and there's nothing better than chilling out with a friend in a cafe, a nice cappuccino and good chat:-)
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