Advent Grunts

I should have posted this last week but here goes…I read the other day of someone whose Christmas shopping experience was somewhat marred by the grunts of a tired shop assistant who clearly had been asked one time too many where the festive socks were hanging.  Reminded me of the earlier post about hope in New York.  Later on that same week I was filling a wicker basket with some logs for the fire. My little daughter helped to fill it and kindly put a hand to the basket to lift it, I smiled at her willingness and as I grunted lifting it so she obligingly grunted and continued to grunt as we shuffled and strained to the door of the house.  Curiously in the grunting the bond between us was that more tangible. 

It strikes me in this Advent time that we are reminded of God who is not remote from our grunts but has got alongside us and grunts with us and for us… “Immanuel”. We hear divine grunts in so many different ways, be it through blogs, nature, friends, scripture, music, strangers… Earlier in this blog someone had posted about the work of the gospel in the inner city (Wrong sort) and how that had caused others to respond to the struggle of such inner city work (indeed all kingdom work). This week I received an email from friends in the States telling me that this past Sunday prayers were offered for different congregations striving for peace in the city of Belfast… another grunt!  That ‘basket filled with the logs of peace, reconciliation and community development’ feels alot lighter now having heard the ‘grunts’.

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One Response to Advent Grunts

  1. asharedadventure says:

    Great post, that’s a lovely way to think about it.

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