a gift from the past

One of our daughters came by with a surprise anniversary present for us from my mother.  It is a quilt top my father’s mother made and gave to my wife and I for a wedding present.  But, she was so advanced in age by then that the it had many loose threads and was far from square.  In fact it was a combination of strange pulled shapes impossible to have quilted.  Still it was a labor of love.  Well, it is decades now since she passed.  But, mom has worked on the quilt at different times for years and now sent it to us repaired, completed, and beautiful.  Just looking at it brings hundreds of memories of my grandmother and the Christmases she always had at her big house with her nine children, dozens of grandchildren, and eventually great-grandchildren resulting in a family of over a hundred.  Her entire year was spent preparing for that gathering with handmade gifts and candies.

Now, the extra bonus is that by the time my mom got it all straightened out, it is a fully twice the size of our queen size bed.  It is huge!  You could keep a ball field dry with this quilt!  So we will enjoy it in memory and in laughter as we continue on into this holiday season.  peace

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One Response to a gift from the past

  1. crookedshore says:

    beautiful Greg, a lovely story.


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