Yesterday was a day of weather.

  • In the morning, finding the car encased in ice. It ended up taking a full quarter of an hour to get the the windscreen cleared to the point of drivability. My first reaction was to the loss of time, then I found myself standing, looking around at the yellow of the low sun catching crystals and burning through the mist, and I smiled.
  • Later, at lunch time, driving through Whiteabbey towards Belfast. Watching the cranes of Queen’s Island rise through the mist across the lough, I was struck by the quiet grandeur speaking of past and future.
  • Last night, before bed, standing at the back door watching and listening to the rain and the wind hammering on the trees behind our house. I was awed and grateful — grateful that I was inside.

Each was a reminder of more-than-me, and each was welcome for it.


About marramgrass

I do a lot. I hope some of it has value. Most of the time I'm Volunteer Co-ordinator with a network of Christian faith-based community projects. Outside of that I write and I photograph, mostly for myself but from time to time for other people as well. Something I've discovered over recent years is that when I think I know the answer, that's generally when I don't. Here I hope to learn from and be inspired by this little hint of community.
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