waiting to open an email.

Being a child of this technological age, I can’t help but check my e-mail and facebook multiple times every day. And ever since I can remember, there are just certain names that always make me overjoyed. I don’t always know WHY it makes me so happy that so-and-so has sent me a message, that some names will jump out at me more than others– maybe I have a crush on him, maybe I haven’t heard from them in awhile, maybe it’s just an acquaintance and I’m eager to know why they want to contact me out of everyone else. No matter what, there are just names that make my heart jump, stomach flip, face light up, no matter what. Sometimes I hold off on reading their message just so the excitement can continue, so it will still be there for me to wonder about, to anticipate (or in tonight’s case, I’ve told myself, “You will NOT read it until you have worked on ALL 3 OF YOUR PAPERS!!!”–oh the lengths I go to for motivation around the holidays)… and then I will read it. And I know it might not say exactly what I want, or what I expected as I waited to click the mouse, just reading and appreciating the name in itself– knowing that someone I care about wants to talk to me, connect to me–but when I read it, I will smile even wider. The waiting is done and now I know what they want to tell me. And maybe it will deeply affect my life– maybe it won’t. But it will make my day better.

It’s 1 AM and I’m staring at one now, grinning– waiting for the moment to open it, reveling in the hope.

I want Advent to be like that.

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