God Incidences Too?

another pattern formed – this time far from trivial… Phone call from a congregation member offering an anonymous gift of money to help a needy family over Christmas… I said that I wasn’t aware of anyone specific but that doubtless given the time of year and the current economic climate, the appropriate recipient would manifest themselves before two long. As I was finishing the conversation the director of our community project came in and said that she was just off the phone with a worke in a partner agency who had asked if we could provide any practical help for a young mother in the local estate with 3 children under 4, whose husband had walked out, leaving her with no heating oil or food but with huge debts and bills to pay… Turns out she is nominally on our books anyway…

We’re supposed to give in such a way that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing… But it’s good to know that God knows what the different limbs of his body are doing…

Or perhaps its just another coincidence?


About virtualmethodist

Methodist minister based in the Agape Centre South Belfast, with a wife Sally & 2 sons, Owain & Ciaran. Main interests: theatre, books, community development, reconciliation and winding people up.
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