A beautiful contradiction

trail-of-lights_night_01image: daily dose of imagery

This evening I walked past the entrance to a block of apartments. It has a communal area with a Christmas tree and lots of comfy chairs, it’s probably called ‘the lounge’. The front door was open and from it a long line of school children emerged into the cold night air. In the glow of the street lights I could see the face of the first little boy in line. He had a big smile on his face and was clutching a bag of sweets in his right hand. I can’t be sure, but it looked like some carol singing had been going on.

The scene reminded me of one of the enduring mysteries of how we celebrate Christmas. Yes, this season can be an excuse for the most crass and outlandish consumption, yet, we also seem open and willing to pay attention to those we often forget or don’t usually notice. It’s a beautiful contradiction.

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