Travelling Light

Most mornings see me out and about well before daybreak walking the dog along the coast path. When the tide is out, as it has been this last few days, we get off the path and onto the sand for part of the journey. Trixie loves getting off her lead and chasing the flocks of birds which have gathered on the rocks beyond the sand. It struck me the other morning as she ran off into the distance how easily she moves over what for me would be difficult terrain.

And then the thought: she’s travelling lightly. There’s nothing to hold her back, no extra layers of clothes to weigh her down.

Travelling light…

Much of our waiting for Christmas is weighed down by all that we have to do. Life gets so busy during Advent that it’s easy to forget who it’s really about. We arrive at Christmas worn out; weary from carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Christmas is often more of a relief than a truly joyous celebration of Christ’s incarnation.

I’m looking forward to travelling lightly through Advent this year and arriving at Christmas ready to celebrate His birth.

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One Response to Travelling Light

  1. crookedshore says:

    Hey Dave, welcome along and hope you enjoy what we do.

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