what do i go with a goat?

Advent is about disciplined waiting. It should be at least. It is about expectancy. It needs to be at least. It is about hope. It has to be. A few years ago in an endeavour to be trendy and “environmentally friendly” I gave two relatives a present of a goat. Not one goat, you understand, but two goats, and not in person (that would be so 2006 !) but in virtual form through a charity which places goats with people, virtually – you know the kind. Despite the pleasantries and thanks, the facial expressions said it all – “what do i do with a goat?”. It was as though this unexpected gift threw the default of normality, upset the usual. I want to be upset during advent – not emotionally – although that might happen – but in my thinking and activities. Will I be open enough to let God do the unusual, the unexpected? Imagine the Jewish theologians looking at the stable with faces that said “what will we do with a baby?” We are not so far removed from that view today……………..

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