Trees & Lights


Yesterday morning we watched a group of men use two cherry pickers to decorate the Christmas tree outside Stormont Buildings.

Last night we put up and decorated our tiny plastic Christmas tree.

Three weeks ago our neighbours put up their outdoor Christmas lights.

The beginning of Advent seems a good time to begin the decorating, although I don’t blame anyone for waiting for a while longer. I’m usually fairly negative towards early displays of Christmas affection. But this year I’ve welcomed all coloured lights and every single smiling Santa. This year it seems there is an abundance of darkness and an urgent need for light.


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One Response to Trees & Lights

  1. Setting up your Christmas tree can be an extremely frustrating experience if your lights from last year are tangled. Untangling the lights is going to be an extremely long process so plan accordingly. You need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle the tangle.

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