First Go

I woke at 7:00 am on Sunday with the intention of enjoying a leisurely 20 mile cycle. Unfortunately, my heightened senses not only picked up the crispness of the air and the beauty of the glistening frost on the ground, but also the realisation that the roads were going to be a bit too slippy and dangerous for a novice cyclist.

Undeterred, I made a nice, hot cup of tea and headed into my freezing garage for a few miles on the cycle machine. I switched on the radio for Good Morning Sunday (honestly – it’s great) just at the start of an interview between Aled Jones and Abbot Christopher Jamison from BBC2’s The Monastery. 

It was a thought-provoking and most relevant piece. Father Christopher (appropriate name for a start!) reminded us that Advent was about waiting in anticipation, looking forward with hope to the fulfilment of God’s promise through Jesus Christ. He talked about the discipline of meditation, and how we might use that discipline to help us to not be distracted in the run-up to Christmas by the things that don’t really matter. He concluded with a challenge for us to consider what is really important during a time when we are running out of credit, and running out of climate.

Altogether, a very sound context for our journey together ……..


About justcoffeeforme

I am an IT Manager and most of the time I love my job. I guess I could also label myself a Christian Youth worker, and I love that most of the time as well. Apart from that I'm a typical Northern Irish family man who loves sport, music and living in this wee country.
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