First frosty freshness…

I was freezing last night – absolutely freezing. I cannot remember the last time I have felt as cold.

However, it was worth it to get up, pull the curtains back and see a crisp frosty morning.  Roof tops were glistening, cars were frosted over, the road white enough to warrant extra care and attention on the journey to church.  Quite simply, it was gorgeous – bitterly cold, but gorgeous.

I am committed to ‘looking out’ for signs of the coming Christ child in this advent and adding whatever I can to this journey together that we are a part of.

Coincidence?  Nature?  Grace?  Call it what you may but for me this first, frosty freshness of the season fell with perfect timing to coincide with the beginning of Advent.  The change in weather has, for me, been a timely reminder that this season is different and that the task of ‘looking out’ for the coming child is a worthy one.

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