Advent 2008

TML is gearing up for Advent 2008 and the time of waiting and preparation for the Gift.

There’s always room for one more and you would be very welcome to join us as an attentive pilgrim on the way to Christmas. A word, a picture, a reflection, a youtube video, whatever it is that you notice and reminds you of God’s presence in the world, post it here and join a short-term but intentional community who have committed themselves to paying attention during Advent 2008

We’ll begin our Advent posts this Sunday (30 November) but members will be introducing themselves throughout the week. If you have a news reader then update your feed so you don’t miss a thing. If you want to join us contact me on glennATcrookedshoreDOTCOM

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One Response to Advent 2008

  1. connie4elpaso says:

    Dear Glen:

    Thank you so much for starting this experience again
    I have been 5 weeks away from civilization in a little military compound and it has given me an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Being a city dweller, I had forgotten the beauty of commuting with mother nature and cherishing God’s creations. I had been awaked every morning by bird’s chirping until the first snowfall when they had to migrate. On my way to or from the compound I have encountered bears and many families of deer and rabbit. On any given day, there are eagles and hawks in the air as this is also a bird sanctuary. I had forgotten how beautiful and diverse mother nature is and I can see the sky at night and smell the dew in the morning. we have a beautiful world and what I thought was going to be an unmemorable experience has turned out to be a fountain of memories and a nexus of new thinking and new behavior.

    I have started the Advent season full of gratitude and wonder……and friends like you in my life, who continue to inspire and better the world around them.


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