the day dawns

The sun is just coming up, my wife is in the other room still wrapping presents.

I am sitting here for a brief moment before going back to help, wondering about the almighty swaddled. 

This year I cannot escape the thought of the Logos unable to articulate words, the hands that formed man and woman from clay now unable to hold an object, the power that sustains the universe unable to control bodily functions…

What does it mean to follow this light, this path of complete surrender of all power?  Perhaps we would spend more time caring for people we do not have answers for, fellowshiping with folks who do not buy our answers, risking love in the face of overwhelming violence, watching mockingbirds with no idea why they leap.

Time for family and love that transcends explanation.


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7 Responses to the day dawns

  1. Thanks for this. It’s unthinkable. I guess that’s why we spend so little time and so few sermons articulating it. The “disabled God” – sounds somehow totally offensive an idea, but why would being disabled be somehow “more disabled” than to be a helpless infant? It’s theology we can’t make sense of. But we do need to wonder about it!

  2. crookedshore says:

    for some unknown reason I found myself reflecting this morning on Jesus being umbilically connected to another human being. And what it meant when this was severed. It is an incredible thought. Thanks both of you.

  3. drgbrown says:

    Christmas was in truth very hard here. There is still grieving to be done for my dad even though years have passed. He was a true believer in the magic of Christmas. Our family is struggling to establish new patterns of gathering, schedules, celebrating as we adjust to grown children and more households to please. The end result is that nobody seemed to actually enjoy anything…Then one of our dogs had to be put down and the other disappeared for about an hour right after I got home…

    By yesterday afternoon, I was a wreck. All that negative sharing to say this. Only a God who has chosen helplessness on His path to relationship with us, is sufficient for my needs when I find myself helpless.


  4. virtualmethodist says:

    Yet so often as Christians and particularly as pastors we offer those who are bruised and broken a God who is omnipotent… “our all sufficient, saviour”…

  5. Joy says:

    the Queen’s speech touched on this (was proud of her!) – about the knowledge Jesus had of exclusion and rejection, and how this brought something very special to his ministry.
    do ‘stick with it’, drg and others who struggle with the insistence that we all be ‘cheerful’ at this time of year.
    we are what we are, and we’re ‘where’ we are.
    …and God ‘gets’ that… thank God…

  6. drgbrown says:

    This is also the message I read in the Psalms as the author so often starts out proclaiming needs/troubles/dangers before ending in praise. And David was known as a “man after God’s own heart!” I wonder why it still surprises us that a broken world needs “wounded healers.” Glad God understands slow learners too! peace

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