Where to from here?

The Mockingbird’s Leap has provided a reflective space where we have flown with fellow travellers on their way back to God.

Now that we have communally taken flight, any thoughts on where to from here?  Too big for the nest now!


About wf61

Trying to get home & enjoy the company of fellow travellers.
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4 Responses to Where to from here?

  1. crookedshore says:

    fellow travellers,

    this train carries saints and sinners
    this train carries , losers and winners
    this train carries whores and gamblers
    this train carries lost souls
    this train, dreams will not be thwarted
    this train, faith will be rewarded

  2. WF61 says:

    This Train
    Hear the steel wheels singin’
    This Train
    Bells of freedom ringin’
    This Train
    Carries broken-hearted
    This Train
    Thieves and sweet souls departed
    This Train
    Carries fools and kings
    This Train
    All aboard

  3. WF61 says:

    We’re plagarists more like!

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