Reaching Out

Spending time with Nouwen again this evening and want to share many passages from this little book.  I will settle for these two.

“Our community is often a very intangible reality made up of people, living as well as dead, present as well as absent, close as well as distant, old as well as young.” 

Now, read it again with each dyad describing each person individually rather than the variety of people as we join together in waiting for the light.

“When we stand around the alter, eat bread and drink wine, kneel in meditation, or walk in procession we not only remember God’s work in human history, but we also become aware of his creative presence here and now.  When we sit together in silent prayer, we create a space where we sense that the one we are waiting for is already touching us, as he touched Elijah standing in front of the cave (1 Kings 19:13).”

Here we are waiting on the Light that already dwells within, seeking to be fully present to a suffering world while moving on to a new kingdom, old in miles journeyed and lessons learned but young in the face of ancient wisdom and eternity, finding that prayer is sometimes the experience of Tabor and sometimes that of Gethsemane.  I just begin to see how they are all of the same cloth, all part of experiencing the touch of God who is beyond everything we define or imagine our god to be.  As we stand together, I learn to stand together with myself.


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