learning patience

I’ve spent a bit of time on the bus and train over the last week. I’ve loved enjoying the rolling countryside between Dublin and Belfast, and watching the city go by from the top of a double decker. As I made a couple of trips in the car and remembered blogging about road rage in the Christmas traffic this time last year, I realised that public transport has been teaching me patience. In the car I want to be in the fastest lane, on the bus I have no option but to sit back, enjoy my book or the wonder of creation (outside and inside the bus). The bus has helped me enjoy the journey, not rushing to the destination.

Thanks to crooked shore and all of you for helping teach me patience during advent. Reading and musing on all the posts has helped me focus this year, not approaching Christmas in a last minute frenzy of present buying, but with eager anticipation and enjoyment. Thanks for helping me sense the beauty and grace, thanks for helping me anticipate, enjoy the wonder and fall on my knees…

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