Enjoying Blessings

I arrived back last night from a lovely couple of days in Edinburgh, although I must say I missed logging on and spending time with you all.  One moment that stuck in my mind was after a full day shopping I took my mum into M&S for a nice coffee and of course calorie laden cake. While waiting in the que with my tray filled with goodies, a young guy standing beside me with a back pack asked how much the cake was…I didn’t know.  How much I take things for granted, and how very blessed I am.  I have really enjoyed the community we have been building over the past month and thank everyone for enhancing all of my senses to the presence of God.  Feeling quite sad it’s at an end, wishing everyone a very blessed christmas!


About asharedadventure

I'm 37yrs old, Bangor born and bred. After working as a midwife I left the NHS to set up a business of private preparation for birth and beyond sessions with couples at home. I love to read and there's nothing better than chilling out with a friend in a cafe, a nice cappuccino and good chat:-)
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