almost done, almost begun

I’ve had quite a different day today than what would normally be the case on the average Christmas Eve. It began very early, way before sunrise, then continued with lots of time spent lying in a strange bed (I’ll tell you about it next time I see you!). Now I’m sitting at home watching ‘My Fair Lady’ with my son, who is joyfully encountering the movie for the first time, and I’m under instructions for the next two days not to lift anything heavier than a full wine glass.

So as the sun sets on the last day of Advent and we prepare for the giving of the Gift, I realise that I have been receiving gifts all month. Gifts out of which I must live in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks everyone.

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3 Responses to almost done, almost begun

  1. wf61 says:

    Sounds like wise instruction to me crookedshore. Opportunities to rest and reflect don’t come around that often so sit back and enjoy. I’m confident the gifts you’ve recieved will serve you well in the journey to come. Thanks for the wisdom and wise cracks in equal measure.

  2. You! Look after yourself!
    Thanks for bringing us on this advent journey.
    Enjoy Christmas…
    …let the New Year look after itself!

  3. virtualmethodist says:

    Just make sure that someone is tasked with keeping the glass full!

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