the visit

I’ve always enjoyed the way those from the Southern States of the US use the word ‘visit’.

We use the word as a noun here –  we make a visit. Or, we visit ‘to’ someone. But they ‘visit with’. I like that relational dimension to the word. To visit with a friend is to waste time together.

My family and I did that tonight. We visited with our good friends. Kids disappeared for an hour or two elsewhere in the house and we just did what you do when families visit with one another. The fire was throwing out its warmth in generous fashion. The dog took his turn with each of us taking from us whatever we could give in terms of attention. And we just visited with one another. Nothing prepared or organised, no stress or anxiety. Just visiting and enjoying hospitality.

It’s why I love this time of the year. We have time for these form of visits.

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