Advent Adverts

Preparing for our Service of Lessons and Carols tonight, where we tried to get people from every dimension of church life to take part, my mind was drawn to the Honda Accord advert of a few years ago entitled “The Cog.”

This involved the discombobulated bits of an aforementioned Accord, working together in bizarre Rube Goldberg device to launch another Accord from a ramp… with Garrison Keillor saying “Don’t you love it when things just work…” I certainly wish that some of my cars in the past worked as well as that…

And it reminded me not only of all the people coming together to make our service work, but also all the different characters in the Christmas stories, angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, innkeeper… all playing their part in God’s plan… And the parts that we all have to play in the continuing story…

But it also reminded me of a current advert using a similar plot device:

This time its a Guinness ad called “Tipping Point” set in some Andean village where a domino run triggers off a series of interactions which eventually produces a huge sculpture of a pint of Guinness out of a pile of books. It wasn’t just the conjunction of Guinness and books that attracted me, but the tag line to that, and a whole series of Guinness ads over recent years… “Good things come to those that wait…” An unusual line in this instant culture… But an appropriate tagline as we come to the close of Advent…


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Methodist minister based in the Agape Centre South Belfast, with a wife Sally & 2 sons, Owain & Ciaran. Main interests: theatre, books, community development, reconciliation and winding people up.
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