To have and to hold

One week… two winter weddings. On Wednesday bride and groom stood at the front of the church to take their vows. Before them stood what had once been just pieces of driftwood. The pieces had been put together to form a rough cross and then took form as it was dressed with all sorts of greenery, lilies and white carnations. Pieces of wood – ordinary and discarded – transformed into something beautiful.

The drive from the church to the reception in the old white Daimler – a fitting car for the day – took us over the Craigantlent Hills. The bright afternoon light and the cold winter air transforming what was once my dull commute to work into something quite idyllic.

The second on Friday was a pure miracle. An accident on holiday less than 18 months ago meant that even this time last year such a day was inconceivable. I still don’t understand why God answers yes to some things and no to others, why some are healed and some suffer on,  but yesterday was a day of thanksgiving for His healing power and amazing grace.

I guess it’s true… He does make everything beautiful in his time.  

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