Kid Parties

Christmas (now PC’d to winter) parties at middle class mid-western American schools seem to have more to do with greed and chaos than the coming of light or order.  Youngsters who are moments from receiving thousands of dollars worth of gifts are truly offended if somebody else gets a better trinket than them in the party games, or an extra cookie, or a free point in a pointless game…

And yet light shines through —

A little girl comes for a quiet moment to remind me that “today is the day” — her father passed one year ago today and she allows me to a friend as well as a teacher.  We pause to remember her dad and return to the noise and chatter.

My only Muslim student’s mother arrives to make sure the children have everything they need for their party and to help in anyway she can.

A Christmas card from a young man thanking me for being a great teacher “so far,”

And looking past the loud and obvious, I see little ones, some in my room and some in the hallways, choosing treasures from their bags to give away to other children or adults that have enough sense to recognize the magi.  peace

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2 Responses to Kid Parties

  1. Barb says:

    I was pointed to your blog – and I’m glad I came to vist. You’ve got me seeking to find the small joys amidst all the commercial chaos.

  2. drgbrown says:

    Welcome! Please share what you find on your own search! peace

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