A great railway journey

Back in the country and after the shock of the 30 degree difference in temperature from South East Asia, quite enjoying it. I’d left my car at my parents house while travelling and so took the train today from Holywood to Lisburn.  I usually drive everywhere and it was amazing to get the train into Belfast and see everything from a different angle. It was a beautiful winter sunshiney day and as the train was leaving Holywood it passes over some marshy ground at the back of a few supermarkets and a new Ikea store. There is a channel of water running through the marsh and in the middle of it were 4 swans. I swear they were sparkling in the winter sun, thye sure made me smile.

And then the train between Belfast and Lisburn. A journey I made every day as a student many years ago but havent done for years. Looking out the window at how much everything has changed. Old buildings and green spaces gone , replaced by bigger, newer worse buildings. But just before my parents house is a little municipal 9 hole golf course and its still there. The fairways are surrounded by trees and there was an ethereal mist rising in the afternoon as the train rolled by. It was beautiful and made me smile the whole way up the hill to get my car.

Maybe I should leave the car behind more often.


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