first steps

rolling back the years It is now over 40 years since my first child took his first step. The joy his mother and I experienced at that moment is beyond words. We subsequently felt that same joy 4 more times as God in his wisdom and grace bestowed on us the gift of 5 sons. They are men now and are making their own way in life, BUT last week those feelings and tears came flooding back as we turned back the years, when we watched our little grandson take HIS first steps. Boy we feel 21 all over again.

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One Response to first steps

  1. martimc says:

    That’s a beautiful thing! As a (mostly) frazzled mother of 4 (ages 5-14) I can hardly imagine a time when they are all grown up – and I’m sure you’ll say it happens all too soon! Its lovely to think that someday, God willing, I will be watching my grandchildren in the same way!

    I remember hearing a comedian once saying that if he had known grandchildren would be so much fun – he’d have had them first!

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