I was reminded this morning on the way into work about the importance of being thankful and it in turn reminded me of something that happened last week. Father D’Arcy was doing the pause for thought on Radio 2 and began by saying he could either begin the morning complaining that he hadn’t had enough sleep or could give thanks for having eyes to open and to see the morning. To my shame, I confess I usually begin with the former. I feel I slip into the world of cynicism and therefore lose the wonder of simplistic blessings. I am more and more difficult to please so was thankful for being put back into line for at least a few more minutes.

I’ve been thinking about how beautiful it is to witness real, genuine thankfulness. It happened last week when a volunteer for a group I lead was given a small token of appreciation during our Christmas dinner. It really was only a small gift but it moved the lady to tears she was so touched at the gesture. I remember feeling a mixture of reactions. Real joy myself at seeing this person’s happiness. Confusion as to why she would be so touched. Sadness because I know I wouldn’t have received the gift anywhere near as graciously or with even the tiniest part of thankfulness this person showed. She doesn’t profess to be a Christian but she has a more gentle, compassionate heart than many that do and so I was thankful for the lesson she taught me.

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