One of those moments

Driving into work this morning (from Bangor to the Ulster hospital) I had a Chris Tomlin CD (live from Austin music hall) blaring, it was like a live concert of worship was supernaturally taking place within the confined space of my car and the host of heaven was joining in (must have looked interesting to anyone driving by, glad they couldn’t hear me!). I felt so focused on God and full of a joy or more a feeling of excitment welling up in me, I just wish I could have stayed there.  As I drove into the carpark (at the highest point of a hill) I noticed the sun was rising. It was a huge firey orange globe on the horizon almost demonstrating the majesty and power of God and at that point “How Great is Our God” played…What a shame I had to come back to the reality of heading into work!


About asharedadventure

I'm 37yrs old, Bangor born and bred. After working as a midwife I left the NHS to set up a business of private preparation for birth and beyond sessions with couples at home. I love to read and there's nothing better than chilling out with a friend in a cafe, a nice cappuccino and good chat:-)
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2 Responses to One of those moments

  1. drgbrown says:

    Nothing makes my day like seeing another driver singing along with their music! I have often been saved from really nasty attitude days by just such a sight! Thanks! peace

  2. martimc says:

    I love seeing people singing in their cars! I was trying my best to sing along with Andrea Bocelli today (although I don’t know more than a few words of Italian – and all of them relate to food!). Sometimes I wonder what people might think – but most of the time I really don’t care! Keep on enjoying the music!

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