driving with my youngest daughter

docjbf’s earlier post left me thinking about how many times I missed such moments in the past.  I wasted so many hours in the car with my daughters.  Rushing through traffic to dance, soccer, and other appointments, I would fuss about the other drivers, the schedule, any excuse available.  You see I wanted to spend time with my daughters not drive all over town.  Then came the day when I realized that I had all this time with my daughters, often one on one, while driving to all these events.  Except, I wasn’t present.  I hope the light that dawned that day was as much of a gift to my daughters as it has been to me! 

My youngest turns 16 this week and has her driving test scheduled on her birthday.  Yesterday I had a wonderful time riding along as she practiced parallel parking, avoided a near miss from one of those drivers I used to yell at, and stopped by the grocery to get milk.  All of this was done in the car we bought with her insurance settlement from a wreck she and I had in Colorado a couple years ago.

That day with both of us strapped to back boards and placed in an ambulance she said, “Hey dad, if we have to be on these boards at least we made it to where the view is great!”  What kind of man misses the joy of spending time with a kid like that?  Yesterday we had fun driving the same streets, in the same traffic, in new light even as evening fell.     peace

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