Airports and Expectation

Arriving at Singapore Airport on Thursday night I seemed to have walked into one big Muslim party.  Everywhere in the concourse there were groups of hundreds of muslim men and women, in full traditional dress chatting excitedly like schoolkids. It actually reminded me, bizarrely of the Sunday School trips I went on as a kid. We used to go by double decker bus from the church hall on the Donegal Road.  Before leaving everyone would stand around outside chatting excitedly about what we were going to do in Portrush (a tacky seaside town on the north coast of NI) , which rides we were going to go on at Barry’s Amusement Park and would the roller coaster be bigger than last year. It was always one of the highlights of the year and the expectation was often as good as the event itself.

And this felt very similar – a rising tide of excitement among the gathered groups. Of course being the nosey ex journalist that I am, I had to find what was going on and I asked them.  The answer of course is they were going on the Haj Pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the things a Muslim should do at least once in their lives. And they were so happy and excited about it, that I couldnt help but smile .

It seems everywhere around there is an expectation of an event that as Andy says makes it more exciting.  On to Advent.


ps though it is freezing in London ….. to go from 30 degrees in Singapore to 3 degrees c in London is a shock to the system that no expectation can prepare you for.

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One Response to Airports and Expectation

  1. asharedadventure says:

    Oh that must have been a shock – an opportunity to savour things like a nice hot coffee! It’s interesting that despite what it’s directed at, we all have the sense in our spirit of expectation, a longing for something more. A sense of excitment and hope that is universal and can ultimately be used to point to God.

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