Norman Rockwell?

I came downstairs a little while ago to the sight of my two girls rolling out cookie dough and pressing out Christmas shapes.  A close family friend was mixing dough for Snickerdoodles (a cinnamon/sugar cookie), Christmas carols were playing on the cd player, my wife was preparing the cookie sheet, and it was gently snowing outside.  The lights were on the Christmas tree and the dog was sleeping on the chair.  I don’t know why, but this year my moments of peace and reflection involve my family and those traditions that are never really this perfect.  For several moments though, I let myself feel that all was right with the world.  Wishful thinking?  Sure.  Denial?  Absolutely.  But for the next hour or perhaps all afternoon, I am allowing my little fantasy to continue without apology.  Peace to all of you and may you have at least one moment like this during this advent season.

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2 Responses to Norman Rockwell?

  1. Joy says:

    that’s beautiful. and how wonderful that you can enjoy the beauty in your home and family. so many people miss the beauty near to them. happy, peace-full Advent and Christmas to you and your family. 🙂

  2. drgbrown says:

    I salute you for enjoying the moment instead of worrying about the total. After all the total is the sum of the moments, so pay attention to the magic moments and the total will follow! Thanks for sharing! peace

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