a light and pleasant darkness

After fumbling recently to explain how waiting for the light can be good in itself, I am reading Christ and Empire, (Thanks for the recommendation Tim).  At the end of chapter two, Rieger is explaining how the early councils’ theologies of Christ’s oneness with both God and humanity open up the world of understanding of both God and each other.”Is the divine somehow linked with the success of those in power (or other preconceived notions of the top down), or is the divine linked to the Christ who cannot easily be defined and whose power moves from the bottom up instead of from the top down?  Second, how do we understand humanity and its relationship to divinity?  If we understand humanity or divinity according to the private-property model (as if humans would “own” some part of God), we will not get much beyond an identity politics that closes the doors to deeper encounters with Christ and the complexity of his full humanity and full divinity.  Only if we do not own the divine can divinity in Christ yet surprise us by being other than we imagine.”

That gets at the darkness I am comfortable in — not darkness as the absence of the light I have been given so far — but darkness in comparison to the light I yet expect.  There is such joy in waiting to be surprised by the God who is both known and beyond all knowing! peace

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