Yesterday I was in London and at 8am I was opposite Big Ben waiting for someone else to arrive. I bought some coffee to warm myself up and went outside watching as the white stone at the top of Westminster Abbey was turned pinky orange or orangey pink by the rising sun against the clear blue sky. People everywhere, coming up from the tube station, waiting to cross the road, jogging, going into the Underground. Big Ben chimed to remind us all that we were late, early or just on time. Then I noticed a man beside me rummaging through the rubbish bin. It didn’t take too long to find his prize – a discarded half full coffee cup. Perhaps he who took the time to find the coffee enjoyed it more than the person too busy to drink it.

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One Response to London

  1. asharedadventure says:

    It is so true, we spend alot of time rushing around missing God and the blessings he provides us with big and small. I’ve been savouring every coffee I’ve had since your email a little more, thanks. You also reminded me that it’s when we are seeking with all our hearts, that we find…

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