Kingdom Talent

Jan Richardson was a woman with a deep spirituality and writing talent whom I had contact with in the USA a few years ago. Her Senior Pastor reminded me in his newsletter recently of her work and a book she wrote for this advent season: Night Visions: Searching the Shadows of Advent and Christmas. Here is her reflection titled “Vessels”I measure my life in vessels. They trace the contours of my days. Teacup, bowl, oil lamp, pitcher, baptismal font, Communion chalice, basin, bathtub. I sleep in the belly of night and wake under a down turned bowl of blue.I ponder their shapes as I begin to understand my own longing: wanting to be held, fighting against being contained.Teach me, I say. Tea, food, oil, water, wine, stars, sky. Teach me how to gracefully, powerfully fill my space.You hollow us out, God,
so that we may carry you,
and you endlessly fill us
only to be emptied again.
Make smooth our inward spaces
and sturdy,
that we may hold you
with less resistance
and bear you
with deeper grace.

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